Early Stage Biopharma Investment in the Era of AI and Big Data

Wei Tao, Ph.D.

Wei Tao, Ph.D., is a Silicon Valley based well connected investor focusing on early stage healthcare and technology companies with differentiated technology and products addressing large unmet needs. Dr. Tao is a member of several leading investment groups, such as Life Science Angels (LSA), Sand Hill Angels (SHA) and HealthTech Capital (HTC). He currently chairs the LSA Bio/Genomics Committee and the SHA Deal Sourcing & Syndication Committee. He is a Board Director at LSA and SHA as well as several early stage companies.

Dr. Tao’s extensive investment interest ranges from therapeutics to genomics, from diagnostics to digital health, from medical device to nanotechnology and from artificial intelligence to virtual reality. Of his particular personal interests is to support advancement in cancer research, diagnostics and therapeutics. He successfully led and participated in dozens of early stage investments which subsequently received well over$100+ M follow-on venture capital funding and several with successful exits.

Prior to his professional investment career, Dr. Tao had successful careers in basic genetic research and genomics technology development and applications.