Welcome Address and Opening Remarks by Organizers

Shelley Amster,

Founder, ShelleyCO, LLC & CEO, InsideOutBio

Shelley is currently, the Founder and Principal Consultant for ShelleyCO, LLC and Acting CEO of a ‘stealth mode’ biotech, InsideOutBio. 

Due to Shelley’s reputation as one of the region's relationship bridge builder, change maker, and management integrator, she has built her business around being a resource for busy entrepreneurs and executives needing to meet the right people for valuable business development alliances. You need to get something done, raise the bar, contact Shelley. Using a broad and deep network comprising of virtual and early stage life science and healthcare companies, women’s health organizations, angel and venture capital investors, contract research organizations, non-profits, and government, ShelleyCO brings business leaders face to face with the resources and advisors to grow their business. Shelley opens doors and walks you down the red carpet to your next opportunity.

 Shelley has developed dozens of high quality content life science conferences.  She has become a sought-after life science conference producer. She recently completed her 6th Annual MassBio CRO CMO Symposium and 7th Annual MALSI Day Event.  With her vast network of key opinion leaders (KOLs) across multiple disciplines and deep understanding of the drug development process and its challenges helps her develop well attended conferences like this one.

 Shelley was a pioneer in the infertility industry – she led the development of one of the first sperm banks, some of the early male infertility assays, and was a member of the first IVF team at Yale, the second IVF Center in the US and has become the direct resource to KOLs and innovation in woman's health.