Scientists are more than just chipping away and kicking down the barricades to develop complex small molecule products better and faster. Successful companies are spending quality time finding innovative approaches and powerful technologies to better support their knowledgeable teams.

Often it takes establishing strong partnerships with one or more specialized service providers, cleverly combining resources – always striving to raise the bar in order to make life threatening diseases more of a chronic and tolerable disease or eradicated completely.

Hear from key opinion leaders in pharma, biotech, the investment community and innovative service providers on how they are meeting the challenges. Keep in mind, it takes being open-minded, flexible and willing sometimes to redesign a new formulation that better enhances bioavailability, optimizes drug-delivery profiles, reduces dosing frequency, or improves the patient experience to have the potential to deliver quicker returns on investments than developing a completely new drug.

Program agenda - Thursday, June 14, 2018

8:30 Networking Breakfast and Registration

9:00 Welcome Address and Opening Remarks by Organizers

9:15 Opening Keynote: From the Front Office – Minimizing CMC Risk to Maximize ROI

10:00 Novel Innovative Technologies - Panel Discussion

10:30 Networking Refreshment Break

11:00 The Current Regulatory and FDA Landscape – are you prepared?

11:30 Selecting and Integrating Novel Technologies - Panel Discussion

12:00 NOON Buffet Luncheon

1:00 Investment Small Molecule Landscape Keynote

1:30 The Value IOT Brings Developing a Quality Product - Kevin J. Bittorf, VP CMC and BD, Trek


2:00 Why our Compound Failed? Can we Reformulate and Started Over!

or Giving Failed Drugs a Fresh Start and a New Direction

2;30 Wine Tasting Networking Break

3;15 Case Studies and Panel Discussion

4:00 Fireside Chat with Faculty and Attendees

4:45 Closing Remarks

5:00 Wine Pairing Social - Sponsored by Juniper Pharma Services


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